Board and Committees


Boston Workers Circle's Board of Directors

 Anne Greenwald, President
 Libby Shrobe, Vice President
 Sarah Axelrod, Treasurer
 Micha Josephy, Secretary
 Rachel Hess, Equity & Inclusion

Marie Ariel Haley Kossek
Liza Behrendt Marsha Lazar
Sarah Chapple-Sokol Sarah O'Connor
Bob Follansbee Ellen Shachter
Michelle Golden Raul Salinas-Ortega

BWC Committees

Immigrant Justice & Sanctuary Working Group
Howie Shrobe, Chair
hes @

Acting for Racial and Economic Justice
Nakhie Faynshteyn, Chair
nickfayn @

Jewish Muslim Solidarity
Laura Derman, Betsy Abrams, Co-Chairs
laura.derman @, betsyabrams @

Israel/Palestine Committee

Mona Pollack, Helen Raizen & Mitchell Silver, Co-Chairs
monapollack @, raizen @, mitchell.silver @

Mike Katz and Lily Weitzman, Co-Chairs
narishkup @, lweitzman @

Adult Education
Ellen Shachter, Chair

Ejshachter @

Ritual Committee
Linda Gritz, Chair
katzgritz @

Shabes Committee
Jill Edelson, Maia Brumberg-Kraus, and Laurie Goldman, Co-Chairs
jae25 @, maiabkraus @, lauriel.goldman @

Young Adult Committee

Aging in Community Committee
Dianne Perlmutter, Marsha Lazar, Co-Chairs
diannp27 @, marsha.lazar @

Community & Membership Committee
Susan Werbe, Naomi Isler, Co-Chairs
swerbe45 @, 1935naomi @

Shule Committee
Char Skidmore, Chair
charleanskidmore @

Book Group
Fredi Dworkin and Laura Punnett
fredid54 @, laura.punnett36 @



Finance Committee
Sarah Axlerod, Chair
staxelrod @

Personnel Committee
Diana Parad, Chair
dianaparad @

Library & Archives Committee
Marie Ariel, Linda Stern, Co-chairs
mgariel @, linda.stern @

Health & Safety Committee
Julie Silberman, Sandy Martin, Co-chairs
julsilb @, sandy @

Equity & Inclusion Committee
Rachel Hess, Chair
rachellanhess @