Board and Committees


Boston Workers Circle's Board of Directors

 Rachel Hess, President
 Sarah O'Connor, Vice President
 Sarah Axelrod, Treasurer
 Libby Shrobe Secretary

Marie Ariel

Emilia Diamant

Nakhie Faynshteyn

Bob Follansbee

Michelle Golden

Marsha Lazar

Miles Meth

Jay Moskowitz

Dianne Perlmutter

Raul Salinas

Ellen Shachter



BWC Committees

Acting for Racial and Economic Justice
Nakhie Faynshteyn, Lynne Layton, Naomi Scheman, Co-Chairs
nickfayn @

Adult Education
Jedd Cohen, Chair
jeddcohen @

Aging in Community Committee
Dianne Perlmutter, Marsha Lazar, Co-Chairs
diannp27 @, marsha.lazar @

Anti-Racism Study Group
Helen Raizen, Madeleine Lourie, Co-Chairs
raizen @, mlourie @

Book Group
Fredi Dworkin, Laura Punnett, Co-Chairs
fredid54 @, laura.punnett36 @

Community & Membership Committee
Susan Werbe, Naomi Isler, Co-Chairs
swerbe45 @, 1935naomi @

Immigrant Justice & Sanctuary Working Group
Howard Shrobe, Diana Parad, Rick Colbath-Hess, Co-Chairs
hes @, dianaparad @, rcolbathhess @

Israel/Palestine Committee
Mona Pollack, Helen Raizen, Jordan Pollack, Co-Chairs
monapollack @, raizen @, pollack @

Jewish Muslim Solidrity
Laura Derman, Betsy Abrams, Co-Chairs
laura.derman @, betsyabrams @

Ritual Committee
Linda Gritz, Chair
katzgritz @

Shabes Committee
Jill Edelson, Maia Brumberg-Kraus, and Laurie Goldman, Co-Chairs
jae25 @, maiabkraus @, lauriel.goldman @

Shule Committee
Char Skidmore, Chair
charleanskidmore @

Lily Weitzman, Chair
lweitzman @

Mike Katz, Judy Rottenberg, Lily Weitzman, Co-Chairs
narishkup @, judyrottenberg25 @, lweitzman @

Young Adult Committee



Equity & Inclusion Committee
Rachel Hess, Chair
rachellanhess @

Finance Committee
Sarah Axlerod, Chair
staxelrod @

Health & Safety Committee
Julie Silberman, Sandy Martin, Co-chairs
julsilb @, sandy @

Library & Archives Committee
Marie Ariel, Linda Stern, Co-chairs
mgariel @, linda.stern @

Personnel Committee
Diana Parad, Chair
dianaparad @