Being a member at BWC is about powering our community. Thank you for making BWC a part of your story.

You are choosing to belong to a community that takes care of each other, celebrates and learns together, and shows up for justice. We rely on your support to remain a grassroots, member-led, self-sustaining organization

Rooted in a century-long legacy, BWC has given this generation a framework of living Jewishly and justly, together. Today, your membership deepens these roots for another century of connection, culture, and movement building.

Membership is a moment to be counted in our movement and to share a piece of your identity with this community. Your dues allow us to organize the many programs, gatherings, and political actions we host throughout the year.

If every member paid $1050, membership dues would cover the BWC's annual costs. However, our community is home to a wide range of members with different access to wealth. Rooted in mutual aid and taking care of each other, we rely on people who are able to contribute at the sustainer level to help us cover our costs for those who can't afford it. Everyone deserves to be at our table, if you can, please help us keep this space accessible and radical.

We are committed to making membership accessible to everyone.

We invite you to join at whatever rate feels possible for you right now, even if that rate is $5. Join or renew today and your membership will be valid through June 2024.

Why join as a dues-paying member?

Your membership officially connects you to a community of secular progressive Jews who work together to preserve our cultural traditions, to take care of each other, and to rise up for justice.

Your membership gives you a voice in the organization. Attend members-only forums, join committees to determine the projects we take on, vote for board members, and share your ideas about major organizational decisions at annual membership meetings.

Your membership gives you discounts on programming, holidays, and classes.

Your membership gets you early access to events. As we return to in-person programming, members always have first access to register for events that have caps on the number of people who can attend in-person. And, in the past, rituals like Passover Seder always sold-out of in-person seats!

Your membership makes our work possible. We host hundreds of programs every year, and have transitioned almost all of our events to digital platforms, serving over 3,000 people. Membership supports our cultural work programs like A Besere Velt Yiddish Chorus, our education programs for children, teens, and adults, year-round meaningful secular rituals, and our social justice campaigns.

"As BWC members we are building on a 100+ year history of people who lived through their own moments of unprecedented uncertainty, and were able to see the possibility that came along with moments of change. They built diverse and powerful Jewishly-rooted movements for justice, organized communities that could take care of each other when larger systems failed, and found resilience and connections through arts and culture."

- Rebecca Hornstein, BWC Executive Director

"Boston Workers Circle is the first space I have organized in that has people throughout every stage of their lives engaging with social justice."

- Nahkie Faynshteyn, Chair of Acting for Racial & Economic Justice Committee

Whether you participated once in an online Zoom class, raised your children here, attend our secular rituals, organize with us, or are supporting our work from afar, this is your organization.

Questions about membership? Contact

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