Social Justice

Current action: Coming soon to an MBTA train near you! An ad campaign that is deeply offensive to Muslims has appeared on buses/trains in San Francisco and New York and may soon be coming to Boston. We're getting ready to speak out. Download a flyer showing the ad here.

Say NO to discrimination against our Muslim neighbors. Sign up to join our response to the MBTA ads slated to appear sometime in the near future. 

A core expression of our Jewish identity at the Boston Workmen’s Circle Center for Jewish Culture and Social Justice is the pursuit of a besere velt — a better world. We weave that commitment into every layer of the community, including our holiday rituals, arts and culture programming, and our children’s Sunday School.

Inspired by the 110-year history of the Workmen’s Circle, we are proud to stand up as a progressive American Jewish voice on social and economic justice issues as well as on Israel. And we are proud to be a community that makes room for the respectful airing of differing views on issues that can be controversial.
We provide progressive activists with a place to energize. We act together, mobilizing around social justice issues that speak to our identity as Jews and as activists. 
Our social justice committees lead the way. New members are always welcome!
Our work for a just peace between Israel and Palestine is guided by a commitment to ending the occupation, establishing two viable states, ending violence on all sides and making room for diverse views. 
Organizing community allies to support local labor and immigrant struggles is a priority of the Acting for Economic Justice Committee, along with participation in the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization (GBIO).