New BWC Communications Team has launched

The New BWC Communications Team! 

UPDATE September 2023: We are currently accepting applications for new members of the BWC Communications team! Please let Mira know if you’re interested in learning more: miraw@circleboston.org

We’re excited to share that the brand new BWC Communications Team is up and running! This team, which started as an idea over last summer, launched in the fall and is now formed and functional, was created in the hopes of creating a clearer system for BWC staff and members to develop BWC’s externally-facing communications, allowing us to become a more powerful, effective, cohesive, and strategic left voice in the Jewish community, and Jewish voice on the left. 

We are guided as always by our fundamental organizational belief in people power. We are member-driven and member-led, and we know that our power comes from organizing and relationships, not social media posts. Communications is meant to serve the purpose of our organization; it is not the purpose of our organization. Our hope is that this team can help us do external communications better. We also hope this team can make our communications systems more democratic in addition to being more effective, so we wanted to share the new protocol we have for creating statements. 

If you are part of a committee or a member-driven project, you are welcome to request a statement to be shared either with our internal membership channels or externally through our organizational communications platforms. Here’s the form through which you can submit statements or request for statements, to be reviewed by the new committee, which is comprised of staff, board executive committee members, and committee chairs. If you have questions, feel free to be in touch with Mira Whiting, our Communications Manager, at miraw@circleboston.org

Members: Rebecca Zimmerman Hornstein (Executive Director), Mira Whiting (Communications Manager), Sarah O’Connor (Board Vice President), Mona Pollack (IPC Co-chair), Jordan Pollack (IPC Co-chair), Libby Shrobe (Board Secretary), and Naomi Scheman (AFREJ co-chair).

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