Teens Acting for Social Change (TASC)

Teens Acting for Social Change (TASC) is a group of teens making a difference in our world. TASCers build community, learn about social justice issues, and take action.

Teens run the group with the assistance of an adult coordinator. TASC meets on Sunday mornings during the school year at various Boston locations. 

TASC is open to Shule graduates and all interested teens in grades 8-12. Contact the coordinator with any questions: elias@circleboston.org.

Teens Acting for Social Change (TASC) is back! Through our year-long TASC program, teens ages 13-18 will build community with each other, grow as social justice organizers and activists, engage in the broader Boston social justice community, and deepen their understanding of the connections between being Jewish and acting for social change.

This year TASC will meet for 16 sessions between September-May on Sundays in conjunction with Shule. Final calendar to follow!

In the past, TASC has participated in trainings and actions, gained organizing skills, and connected with the broader BWC community:

TASC has participated in anti-oppression trainings on:

  • Power and oppression
  • Economic Justice
  • Immigration
  • Environmental justice
  • TASCers collect signatures for Fight for $15 and Paid Family and Medical Leave at the BWC Roots, Resistance, Resilience Anniversary Festival and Concert, May 2018.

TASC has honed their organizing skills:

  • Signature collection
  • Action planning
  • Campaign Selection
  • Cycle of Organizing
  • Storytelling
  • Public Speaking

TASC has participated in several actions:

  • Shule Protest: Stop the Deportations
  • Shabes supporting DACA
  • Walk Out Against Gun Violence at Smith and Wesson, Springfield
  • TASC has led several actions:
  • FedEx Cut Ties With the NRA Action
  • Raise Up signature collection: Fight for $15 & Paid Family and Medical Leave
  • TASC has connected with the greater BWC community and other community partners:
  • Raise Up Signature Collection (with Jewish Alliance for Law & Social Action and BWC’s Acting for Racial & Economic Justice)
  • Support Shule Protest
  • Shule Chanukah Party
  • Organize Shule families to write cards of support to local mosques
  • Co-lead Shabes Gathering with AFREJ Committee
  • National Walk Out To End Gun Violence (with St. Stephens Youth Programs)
  • FedEx Cut Ties With the NRA Action (with Shule Zayin Class and other BWC members)
  • Signature Collection for Raise Up Coalition, and ushering for the concert at the BWC Festival
  • Facilitate social justice workshops in Shule classrooms
  • B’nai Mitzvah

TASC has had fun social time including:

  • Overnight at Wildwood, NH
  • Marching in the HONK! Parade
  • Latke Making
  • Purim Party
  • Interpretive Dance with Yiddish Song
  • Bake Off Competition
  • Canoeing Outing
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