Supporting Asylum Seekers: Immigrant Justice Committee Seeks Volunteers

Boston Workers Circle’s Immigrant Justice Committee is considering sponsorship of an immigrant or immigrant family under President Biden’s Humanitarian Parole program.  Eligible asylum seekers from Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Haiti, and Ukraine can apply from home to come to the U.S. legally if they have a sponsor.  The Immigrant Justice Committee is most interested in supporting an asylum seeker from a Spanish-speaking country. 

We are seeking approximately five people to create a core group (like a steering committee) to sponsor the immigrant(s).  The group will be officially responsible for providing for the immigrant(s) for two years.  However, should we move forward, we would also need assistance from a larger group of volunteers, according to your time, interest, and abilities. 

The adult asylum seekers will be eligible to work upon arrival, and they will also be able to apply for an official work permit immediately, with the expectation that it will arrive within three months.  We believe that this program is a good fit for BWC’s membership, and it is reminiscent of the outpouring of support during the time we helped support a family in sanctuary as well as of  our recent project of providing small grants to families in need. 

At this point, we are asking that BWC members let us know if they are interested in joining us to support an immigrant or family.  We expect to need help with many aspects of this effort, and, if you are interested, we ask that you complete this survey, indicating the tasks that you would be able and willing to help with. Your responses will help us make a determination about whether BWC has sufficient interest in the sponsorship program to move forward. 

We ask that if you are interested in being involved, you fill out this survey here.

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