Statement on Jewish Heritage Night at Fenway Park

The Boston Workers Circle is honored to join the Boston Red Sox in celebration of Jewish Heritage Night at Fenway Park. We are a 100-plus-year-old pro-labor, pro-democracy, anti-racist, Jewish cultural and educational organization. We are delighted by the fact that 1901 saw both the establishment of the Red Sox organization and the first Workers Circle Convention – we have been rooting for the Red Sox and fighting for justice ever since. And, Like many of our fellow Jews in the greater Boston area – indeed, throughout the country — we are deeply troubled by the terrible events of the past six months in Israel and Gaza. 

We have decried the October 7 Hamas massacre of Israeli civilians, as well as the Netanyahu government’s disproportionate response, with its catastrophic impact on Gaza’s civilians. We continue to call for a lasting ceasefire, for the immediate exchange of hostages and political prisoners, and for unfettered delivery of food, medicine, and all other forms of humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza. 

We are proud to act in line with our heritage of speaking up for justice which in this moment means urging our government to support a political arrangement that will bring justice, safety, and equal human and political rights to all Israelis and Palestinians. We know that we are not alone in these views, and we will continue to advocate for them until their promise is achieved.

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