Staff Spotlight: Meet Mira!

Get to know the BWC staff! Today we’re interviewing Mira Whiting (She/Hers), our Communications Manager. Need to get in touch with Mira? Email her at miraw@circleboston.org

How did you hear about/get connected with BWC?

I honestly don’t even remember the first time I heard about BWC. Really, my mom was friends with Jenny Silverman and Janet Selcer and heard about it through them. I was about four years old at the time 😉 My first really clear memories of BWC are from my first year in the Shule kindergarten class — this was before the days of Circle Playtime, and there was space in the class, so I started Shule a little early and just did two years of kindergarten. My earliest memories of high holiday celebrations were of playing on the swingset in Karen & Wayne’s backyard and hearing David Schwartz blow the shofar. When I was in TASC, I learned a lot being involved in the Justice for Janitors campaign and protests against the war in Iraq. As I grew up, I don’t think I realized just how impactful my time in Shule and TASC was — it deeply shaped how I see the world, as well as my relationship with Judaism. As a young adult, I really enjoyed reconnecting through the short-lived Young Adult Klezmer Band and other young adult events. As adult, I was thrilled to do Circle Playtime with my small children and have them be introduced to this wonderful community.

I’ve continued to be a part of the community, always coming for high holidays, and when I started letting people know that I was getting ready to close my photography business of almost a decade, I was thrilled that a several people reached out simultaneously to let me know BWC was hiring a communications manager, I couldn’t possibly think of a better place to put all the skills I developed in running my own business to work. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know BWC, an organization I love dearly, from the inside out for the past year.

What do you do at BWC/what can members come to you for help with?

I *love* helping members with communications needs. What are communication needs? If something isn’t listed below (this is by no means a comprehensive list) reach out and ask — I’m happy to help where I can.

  • Publicizing an event
    • Adding to the calendar
    • Helping you create a graphic/image to use for social media publicity
    • Publishing a blog post either before or after the event
    • Helping you think through your outreach strategy)!
    • Creating a registration form (Sandy should be included on these requests as well)
  • Website updates
    • Find a typo? Let me know!
    • Update your committee description
    • Blog posts — share with the whole community what your committee is working on.
  • Event Photography
    • If I can’t be at your event to take pictures, never fear — there’s a whole webinar on how to take better photos with your phone (taught by yours truly) in the committee leader communications guide — let me know if you need the link.

What are you reading/watching/listening to this summer?

I’ve had a LOT of time in the car this summer, so podcasts have definitely been my constant companion. Some of my favorites are:

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