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Staff Spotlight: Meet Meira!

Get to know the BWC staff! Today we’re interviewing Meira Soloff (She/Hers), our Education Director. Need to get in touch with Meira? Email her at meira@circleboston.org

How did you hear about/get connected with BWC?

In 2010 I came to Boston Workers Circle high holiday services for the first time with my JOIN class. Two years later, I became the first Circle Playtime pre-shule teacher while I was on a journey to become an early childhood educator. Circle Playtime had an influence on my realizing how much I love working with families. 

What do you do at BWC/what can members come to you for help with?

My official title is Education Director. My role is to help make the tuition-based programs (Shule and Yiddish language classes) and the teachers that run them be as successful as possible. People can come to me with questions about current family programming currently offered at the BWC (especially our Shule program) or how to create child-friendly and family-friendly experiences that are hands-on, engaging and also work with the particular needs of families and young people today. I also coordinate the Yiddish classes in conjunction with some stellar Yiddish committee members. People can also talk to me about course ideas for the Yiddish language program. 

What are you reading/watching/listening to this fall?

This fall I am practicing slide trumpet/soprano trombone and listening to scales (boring but hopefully helpful!). I am watching The Club (Kulup), a turkish/ladino drama about a nightclub in 1950s Istanbul and am reading “On Antisemitism: Solidarity and the Struggle for Justice”

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