Palestinian Night of Action

Boston Workers Circle spent some of our Night of Action for Palestine learning about Israel’s abuse of administrative detention and military courts. Israel regularly detains Palestinian civilians (including children as young as 12) without charge, evidence, or trial, often for an indefinite period of time, claiming that doing so is necessary for its security.  500-700 children pass through Israeli military prisons a year, according to DCI Palestine. Israel’s punitive detention policies and practices include the use of solitary confinement, the denial of family visits, and inadequate medical treatment. The UN defines solitary confinement as torture when it extends past 15 days, yet there are Palestinian prisoners who have been held in solitary up to 13 years.

We learned about two current Palestinian prisoners. The first, Salah Hammouri, is a French-Palestinian lawyer for Addameer. Salah was first arrested when he was 16, and has faced arrests and detainment five more times since. For years, he has resisted efforts to deport him, even at the cost of lengthier imprisonment. After Israel’s October 2021 criminalization of Addameer and 5 other Palestinian human rights organizations in an effort to stop their work (#Standwiththe6), Salah was targeted as a leader and again placed in administrative detention this past March. Now, after being punished with solitary confinement over his hunger strike to protest being held without charge, he is scheduled for deportation for a “breach of allegiance” to Israel.

The second prisoner, Ahmad Manasra, has been detained without trial for 7 years, since he was a thirteen-year-old minor. He has suffered life-threatening deterioration of his physical and mental health as a result of his abusive treatment by Israeli authorities. After holding him in solitary confinement for over half a year, on August 16, Israel cruelly extended his solitary confinement for another 6 months.  

  • Learn more about Salah’s case.
  • To demand Ahmad’s release, use these tools to either tweet or write your legislators.
  • Check out the work of Addameer and DCI Palestine to learn about political prisoners and children in Israel’s corrupt justice system
  • And raise awareness using the #FreeAhmadManasra and #JusticeforSalah hashtags on your own social media!

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