Greetings from the board

Greetings from the Board


I hope you are all staying snuggly and warm as the cold encircles us. I always find winter is a good time to dig deep, nest and rest, and enjoy your loved ones and beloved community. 

I am writing to share a little bit about what the Board does and the role we play in the larger organization. The idea is that the board represents as many different areas of the organization as possible, from the Shule, to Yiddish, to Aging in Community so that we can have as many voices and ideas as possible when making big decisions for the organization as a whole. 

Our job is twofold. One is the financial health of the organization, from fundraising to decisions about expenses. Our amazing deputy director Beth has taken the lead on running financial education for the Board at each meeting, so that we feel fully able to make the big decisions to ensure the future financial health of the organization. It is a steeper learning curve for some of us than others, but it is really wonderful to feel like we are speaking the same language when it comes to understanding and asking questions about the organization’s finances. 

Our other big job is visioning. This is the piece that I feel extra excited about, especially in my role as the Board President. How do we put our money where our mouth is? How do we ensure the future of this organization for generations to come? How do we use our power to create a better world, to show to our children that we act up for justice? That we preserve our radical history and culture? I am so blessed and honored to help the Board think about these questions. 

We have some truly wonderful, deep, and respectful conversations about where we, BWC, fit in the world, politically and culturally. 

One of the things I love the most about the Board is that each and everyone of us truly and deeply loves Boston Worker’s Circle. It is really an honor to be in community with that group and with all of you. We are all always open to any questions and if being on the Board sounds interesting to you, please reach out!

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