Reparations & Family History: Envisioning the Path to Repair

Online, on Zoom

Join Boston Workers Circle’s Acting For Racial and Economic Justice Committee in a conversation with Lotte Lieb Dula, creator of, as we look at the stories of those involved in the reparations movement and explore our own family stories, histories and heritages.

In lieu of a speaker fee, Lotte has asked all participants to make reparation, no matter how small, to one of the following organizations listed on her website:

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Lotte will introduce her work and guide us as we reflect on our own family histories in relation to our Jewishness, and, if White, our Whiteness. The aim of the program is to connect these reflections to the need for reparations. In preparation, please look at the Reparations4Slavery website section on family history. As you look at the website, think about the following question:

1) What did you learn from your family about race as a child? From school, TV, books?

2) What relationships or connections did your family have with African Americans? how did you understand the relationships?

3) How far removed are you from the immigrant generation of your family?

4) What form did desire or lack of desire for assimilation play in your family's racial history?

5) How did your family see their history as immigrants in relation to Whiteness and Jewishness? As an immigrant family, did/does your family recognize any benefit to having white/lighter skin?

6) How did your family process or take part in the activism of the Civil Rights movement?

7) What is your current understanding of “race" and what impact did this exercise have on your understanding of reparations as a debt owed to African-Americans?


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