Learning for Action Series

As we mark the 60 year anniversary since the Boston Workers Circle moved from Dorchester to Brookline, the Acting For Racial and Economic Justice Committee (AFREJ) will be leading a Learning For Action series around the book, The Death of an American Jewish Community: A Tragedy of Good Intentions.
In the past few years, we in AFREJ have been learning about reparations and participating in reparative actions. As well, we've co-sponsored workshops for the Ujima Fund, a solidarity economy project led by working-class people of color that works to build political and economic power in Dorchester, Roxbury, Mattapan, and Jamaica Plain. Through this work, we have widened our concept of reparations in two ways: first, recognizing that the Jewish exodus from and subsequent corporate and governmental disinvestment in these neighborhoods calls on us as Jews to localize our reparations work in these communities. Second, our support for Ujima and other solidarity economy enterprises connects to our commitment to “full” reparations, that is, repair that transforms systems and guarantees non-repeat.
Over the course of 4 sessions -- through a combination of group discussions of the book and guest presenters that will provide more historical and current context of this text -- we hope to deepen our understanding of what happened in these communities and how we can continue to support their political and economic empowerment.