5th Grade Labor Protest

BWC Building, 1762 Beacon St, Brookline to Clevelend Circle Dunkin Donuts

Join the Hey (fifth grade) class in its annual labor protest! This year, the fifth grade students are marching on Dunkin' Donuts to call for a living wage of $15 an hour and the right to unionize for its employees. The fifth grade class is standing in solidarity with fast food workers in their "Fight for $15." 

The Boston Workmen's Circle Shule labor protest is inspired by the history of Jewish immigrants who toiled in textile sweatshops. Today, students are demanding that Dunkin' Donuts and other fast-food chains offer livable compensation, benefits, and workplace rights. Help put pressure on Dunkin' Donuts by marching with our 5th grade class this Sunday, January 10! 

Shule students are leaving from Shule in Brookline at 12:45 PM. All members of the community and labor supporters are encouraged to join us. The action is meaningful for the whole family.

Join us at 12:45 PM to march from the BWC building (1762 Beacon St, Brookline) or meet us at 1 PM at the Cleveland Circle Dunkin Donuts, (1955 Beacon St, Brighton).

Questions? Contact Liz at 617-566-6281 or liz@circleboston.org.