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Books are grouped by topic on the shelves. There are 28 shelf sections. Here are four of the sections which you can type into the catalog to see what’s on the shelf. Type the word SHELF plus the remaining words.

SHELF Israel Palestine Middle East (47 books) 

SHELF Cookbooks and Food (6 books) 

SHELF Graphic novels (3 books) 

SHELF Equity and Social and Economic Justice and Political Movements (30 books)

Some recently added titles:

Palestine in Israeli School Books, ideology and propaganda in education by Kurt Peled-Elhanan.

With academic analysis supported by examples and illustrations, Peled-Elhanan argues that the Israeli school books used in the educational system are imbued with an anti-Palestinian ideology that plays a part in priming Israeli children for military service. Peled-Elhanan describes in detail how Palestine and the Palestinians are portrayed and the potential effects on young soldiers when they enter the Israeli military. 

In the BWC Online Library Catalog this title is described with the tags: SHELF Israel Palestine Middle East, Education

The Bund: a graphic history of Jewish Labour Resistance by Sharon Rudahl, art by Michael Kluckner

Published by the press Between the Lines, in Toronto, Canada, this was not an easy book to find!  Lively graphics in color tell the story of the Jewish socialist movement.  The Bund was initially centered in Lithuania, Belarus, Poland, Ukraine, and  Russia.  As 19th century factories became established in Europe, Jews created the Jewish Labor Bund with the ability to print and spread  their own ideas in Yiddish, their common language.  It continued through the years of the Russian Revolution, the establishment of the USSR, and World War II.  \In later years, it spread to north and south America and is alive today ….

Further reading is included as well as Portraits of Influential Bundists including  Charney Vladek, IL Peretz, Moishe (Michael) Lewis, and his grandson Avi Lewis (who married Naomi Klein). 

In the BWC Online Library Catalog this book is described with the tags: SHELF Graphic Novels, Activists, Labor Movement, Jewish History, Socialism and Communism, Equity and Social and Economic Justice and Political Movements

For Times Such As These, a radical’s guide to the Jewish year by Rabbi Ariana Katz & Rabbi Jessica Rosenberg.

“The spiritual is political, the political is spiritual, is a headline in a chapter that also contains the sentence, “The compatibility of revolutionary politics with inherited traditions should be seen as an asset to both.” 

With a chapter for each month of the Hebrew calendar, the guide offers spiritual practices and holiday rituals rooted in work for racial and economic justice, decolonization, feminism, queer and trans liberation, Judaism beyond Zionism, disability justice, and earth justice among other important movements. 

The book is filled with poems, quotes, history, radical analysis, and suggestions for actions which are likely to be useful for anyone planning an event related to Jewish traditions. 

In the BWC Online Library Catalog the books is described with the tags: SHELF Jewish Secularism and Ritual and Spirituality and Religion, Jewish Secularism and Ritual and Spirituality and Religion see also Bible and Holy Books_Judaism_Holidays, Holidays

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