The Ten Modern Plagues as Told by 6th Graders

This past Saturday, we held our second-ever virtual Seder on Zoom. I was so moved by the 300 people who joined live for the community program! Many others will be using our secular, social justice Haggadah, available here for a pay-what-you-can donation, to host their own Seder gatherings in the week to come.
From our own homes, we are connected through the raising of wine glasses, the cracking of matzah, and our reflections on what it means to work towards collective liberation.
Many of our incredible Shule classes contributed their social justice learnings to our Seder —I wanted to share with you the ten modern plagues, written by the Vov 6th grade class:
  • Climate change and wildfires.
  • Racism.
  • Pollution of our climate.
  • Homelessness and unfair housing laws.
  • Inequality in access to resources.
  • Leaders who abuse their power.
  • COVID-19.
  • Poverty and unemployment.
  • Unequal access to the internet for school and work when everything is online.
  • Companies that profit off of drug addictions and lack of treatment for those with addiction.
Below, you can find ways to take action this Passover as we seek liberation from these plagues together.
For full access to our Haggadah, Seder recording, community cookbook, and Seder plate guide, you can still register here.Your Seder donation helps us host accessible programming throughout the year, including our sliding scale tickets for big events like this.
From all of us at BWC, we wish you and your loved ones a zissen Peysakh, a sweet, joyful, meaningful and healthy Passover,
Madeleine Jackman
Communications Manager
Our Seder theme focused on dismantling structural discrimination. We shared the following ways to engage and take action, in addition to recognition, empathy, acknowledgment, transformation, reparations, restitution, compensation, rehabilitation, satisfaction, and guarantees of non-repetition:
  • Join the Massachusetts Town Hall on Anti-Asian Racism, Thursday, March 25 at 6 pm. Join to learn how the Asian American community, including AAPI Jews, in MA is organizing against racism and how to best support the Asian American community right now.
  • Help stop the ongoing eviction crisis during COVID-19. The Hey fifth grade Shule class calls on you to call your Massachusetts legislators to pass the Covid-19 Housing Equity Bill (HD. 3030). For more info, including suggested script visit
  • Take the pledgeto take action for reparations.
  • The Boston Ujima Project is a local initiative to return wealth and decision-making power to Black, Brown and Indigenous communities in Boston. Get involvedhere.
  • The Greater Boston Childcare Collective is a network of volunteers with childcare experience and a commitment to racial justice, who seek to enable children, and people with children, to fully participate in fighting for their own liberation. We center work being done by folks on the front lines of their movements. Get involved here.
  • Contact your congressional representative to express support for HR40 Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-Americans Act.


Save the Date: ABV Spring Concert
Save the date for Singing for a Better World,a virtual concert on Saturday, May 15th. Join A Besere Velt and guest artists Polina Shepherd, Lorin Sklamberg, Daniel Kahn, Anthony Russell, and Judy Bressler in a lively and inspiring concert to keep on moving forward towards a better world. 
AtSinging for a Better Worldwe will honor and celebrate:
  • Our Shule students who spearheaded the name change for their leadership in our community!
  • Our outgoing Cultural Organizer Maddy Popkin for the contributions they have brought to our language, our relationships, our traditions, and our lives before they leave us in this capacity for their next exciting endeavor.
If you are able to support us in honoring these wonderful BWC contributors, please consider giving to the concert host committee by March 31. Ticket invitations to come in the next few weeks.