Shabes Flames Kindle...


Beautiful haikus written by BWC members at the A Bisl: Haiku Workshop and Haiku Shabes.

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Shabes flames kindle

Steadily lighting the dark

Of a Covid night   


Elaine Barlas




An old friend now gone

a small candle flickering

a thin pale moon's tears      


Naomi Isler




large gray rocks make a wall

mortarless spaces in-between

make landscapes       


Marie Ariel




I wanted the wind

but spring came in the silence

with its green longing.       


Madeleine Lourie



radiant ephemeral sculptures

made of ice and snow

remain frozen in photos & haiku             


Marie Ariel                                



The tulips heard the 

Buddha say make of yourself

a light, so they did.          


Madeleine Lourie




Snow flurries drifting

Wafted on eddies of wind

Float to the cold ground    


Elaine Barlas




Under the water

the flowers are cool and still.

Life is everywhere.           

Madeleine Lourie