Congratulations to the Zayin students of 2012!

(photo by Cindy Crandlemere)

On Sunday June 2, 400 family and friends joined the ten members of this year's Shule Zayin class to celebrate their collective Bar/Bat Mitzvah at a beautiful ceremony and joyous luncheon. At the Bar/Bat Mitvah, each student presented a personal statement on his or her Jewish identity. Through readings, songs, some traditional blessings, a short performance by our Yiddish chorus and reflections from parents and Zayin teacher Jenn Lindsay, the whole event was a moving and inspirational coming of age ceremony. Here are some parent comments about the day:

“What an amazing day - the service felt hugely meaningful, not only to the adults in our immediate and extended family, but even my son (and it seemed like the rest of his shule buddies) really got that this was an important moment for him in his life. I am feeling a lot of gratitude that he was part of a group of kids, and we were part of a group of families, and we were all part of an organization, that made this rite of passage feel richly genuine."

“What a day!"

"It was such a pleasure to see all our children show their wise, maturing selves to us, each other, and their friends and relatives. Our relatives were SOOO impressed by their statements, Jenn's personalized comments, the projects, and the ritual/ceremony in general. I heard lots of comments not only about the deepness of the kids' thinking and their connection to the event but also on the apparent value placed on giving them the freedom to think independently and  to say honestly what they think.”

“I was completely blown away! The kids were amazing - their grace, humor, honesty and warm camaraderie. Jenn was superlative. And you all have been a fantastic group to get to know and work with!”


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