Kumzitz Bagel Brunch on Israel/Palestine

Runkle School, 50 Druce Street, Brookline

The Mideast Working Group of the Boston Workmen’s Circle Presents

Too Hard to Talk About - Too Hot to Touch?
Where do we go from here?

Come hear two panelists with divergent analyses, and engage in a safe community conversation on this topic.

•    New government in Israel
•    Palestinian non-violent resistence
•    Obama and the U.S. role
•    Israeli settlements

Presenters: Sa’ed Atshan and Larry Lowenthal

Sa’ed Atshan is in the Joint PhD Candidate in Anthropology and Middle Eastern Studies at Harvard University.  He has worked for the American Civil Liberties Union, the UN High Commission on Refugees, Human Rights Watch, Seeds of Peace, the Palestinian Negotiations Affairs Department, and the Government of Dubai.  Sa’ed was born to a Palestinian refugee family and was raised in the West Bank.
Larry Lowenthal has been executive director and held senior advisory capacities at the American Zionist Federation, the Long Island Jewish Federation, the Greater Framingham Jewish Federation, and the American Jewish Committee.  He has taught at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv University in Ramat Aviv, Israel and is currently teaching in the Jewish Studies Program at Northeastern University.