Decolonize Your Davening: An Ashkenazi Prayer Workshop with Yoyneh Hersh// Jonah Sampson Boyarin

1762 Beacon St. Brookline, MA 02445

Decolonize Your Davening: An Ashkenazi Prayer Workshop with Yoyneh Hersh// Jonah Sampson Boyarin

We all sense that there is a power in knowing where we come from. Many of us sense the aching cavity of the Ashkenazi past. We yearn for reconnection that speaks to our diasporic life and values, to our thousand, beautiful shades of difference as well as to what brings us together. By reclaiming our important resources from the past, and refashioning them to make them our own for the here and now, we can open up new possibilities for decolonized, self-loving, solidarity-based Jewish life. 

Participants will walk away from this 90-minute workshop knowing how to perform an Ashkenazi pronunciation of one or more of the most-used prayers from Shabbes. We will also spend a little time reflecting on what brings us to the workshop, and how we see the work of reclaiming our ethnic heritages as linked to the work for collective liberation.

And where better to start than with our tongues? As the African-American diasporist poet nayyirah waheed writes:

"there is a phantom language in my mouth.
a tongue beneath my tongue.
will i ever
remember what
i sound
will i ever come home."

**$3-6 Admission**BYO Hanukiah/Menorah for 6:00pm sharp lighting**

Yoyneh Hersh//Jonah S. Boyarin is a writer, educator, Yiddish translator, and all-around troublemaker from the Lower East Side of New York. He is a proud member of Jews for Racial and Economic Justice.

For one example of ashkenazi davening, listen to Lecha dodi//Lekho doydi here:

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