A Time of Transition

2014 will be remembered as a time of transition for Boston Workmen’s Circle.

We want to let you know that Lisa Gallatin, our Executive Director of 15 years, will be leaving her job at Boston Workmen’s Circle this summer. Lisa has been offered a job that she couldn’t refuse: she will be returning to the labor movement as the Chief of Staff for the Massachusetts AFL-CIO.

Many of you know that Lisa has been instrumental in building a thriving BWC community. You know that she will be sorely missed. But she has also reminded us that change is healthy for an organization, and bringing in an Executive Director with fresh vision and fresh energy can be very healthy and exciting as well. We have a strong Board, we have infrastructure committees with extensive skills and experience, and we have amazing depth in terms of volunteer participation. That leadership will be working closely with Lisa in the next two months to develop a transition plan and a hiring process.

But first things first. This is a big deal, a big change. As anounced at the Membership Meeting, a search is underway for an Interim Executive Director while the Board mounts a more comprehensive search for a permanent ED.