Teens at Boston Workmen's Circle are Acting for Social Change

We are delighted that Teens Acting for Social Change (TASC), BWC's youth organizing program, is back up and running this fall! The group meets on Tuesdays and Sundays and would love to welcome any interested 8th or 9th graders.
In November, TASC youth supported the Fight for $15 March for Racial and Economic Justice (pictured above) in Boston as part of a nationwide day of action and learning. 
TASC teens trick or treatingIn late October, two TASC youth combined trick or treating with gathering signatures in support of the Fair Share Amendment!
As you can see, TASC is a fantastic group of energized teens making a difference in our world. TASCers build community, learn about social justice issues, and take action.
Teens run the group with the assistance of an adult coordinator. TASC meets on alternating Sunday and Tuesday afternoonsduring the school year. Sunday meetings take place in various members' homes, and consist of community building, social justice learning, and taking action together. Tuesday meetings consist of homework time, community building and planning time. People who come on Tuesdays play a leadership role on Sundays. Teens are invited to participate in both sessions or just Sundays or Tuesdays.
Read more about TASC and be in touch with Liz with questions.