Post-Election: We Will Build This World With Love

Dear Boston Workmen's Circle community,
I woke up this morning in tears as I thought about the misogyny, white supremacy, racism, xenophobia, homophobia and transphobia, classism, ableism, Islamophobia and antisemitism in our country.
I woke up fearful that our country is filled with so much hate.
I woke up reminding myself that love is the opposite of hate.
I woke up this morning thinking about the song that our teens & young adults sang together at Rosh Hashanah, "We will build this world with love, Olam Chesed Yibaneh"
Today we are in mourning. Tomorrow we will continue the work of building this world with love.
As a Jewish community, we deepen our commitment to stand with those most marginalized by this moment. We will continue to work for racial and economic justice and we will continue to stand as allies to the Muslim community against the rash of hate, marginalization and surveillance that has intensified during this election. We will continue to stand up for ourselves as Jews, and ask our allies to stand with us. 
As parents and educators, we are figuring out how to talk to our children and teens about this election. We are listening to our allies and determining how to take meaningful action from here. We are continuing to deepen our relationships.
We will offer concrete ways to do this in the days and weeks to come. We will celebrate the local ballot victories in Massachusetts many of our members worked hard for. Until then, here is a letter from 100 women of color leadersyou can sign, here are resources for parents to talk to their children, here is a pledge to join Cosecha's migrant boycott, here are two actions happening in the coming days in Boston.
We wish you peace, community, healing and power.
In solidarity,
Jen & the Boston Workmen's Circle staff
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Over 100 people came to BWC Shabes after the election to connect with each other and take action. Below is a list of action steps you can take. Take the pledge here. 
I pledge to do one or more of the following: