Cultural Work Report Back: Yiddish New York

Guest blog post from BWC Cultural Worker, Maddy Popkin:

A few weeks ago I had the incredible honor to represent us at Yiddish New York--a vibrant & joyful festival of yiddishkayt.

Lead by awe-inspiring creator and organizer Jenny Levison, brilliant visual artist and magical saw player Tine Kindermann, sharp-witted and sweet-hearted Asya Schulman, and myself, a group of 11 near-strangers created a totally new liberatory theatrical world, trusting & meaningful relationships, and an entertaining take on a Sholem Aleichem classic story, "When we flood the world with ink." In 4 short days!

And, of course, one of the BEST parts of the week was having our A Besere Velt Chorus sing me to tears, performing for, and working with members of our own BWC community, so far from home in NYC! Under the leadership of our new conductor Derek David, A Besere Velt put on an incredible performance entitled "Sing Out, Fight Back," inspired by the 75th Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Click here to watch a small clip, and full video will be available soon. 

If you'd like, check out these photos of our show (taken by Pauline Perl Katz)! Catch one of our long-time & super star members Ruby as Motl #1, yours truly playing a very sad and inky wall, and the video to hear a whole play in yiddish!

As always, send me your wildest dreams for yiddish, jewish, &/or radically reimaginative justice-creating cultural work projects and let's get to it!

With gratitude, solidarity, and excitement for all to come,