The Mutual Aid Network

Mutual aid is part of the long history of our organization, born out of immigrants’ need to support each other in their new lives in America. Decades of caring and fighting for each other have prepared us well and inspired us to create this new way of organizing ourselves to help each other.

The Boston Workers Circle Mutual Aid Network Listserv is an open resource available to members of our community.  If you are not yet a member of BWC, you can become one here -- please note we welcome membership at any level.  Scroll down to learn more about the Mutual Aid Netword Listserv!

How do I join?

Click here to join, enter your email, and we’ll approve you from there!


How do I post?

  1. You have to join the listserv in order to post.
  2. Write up your offer or request according to the guidelines below by composing an email (just compose an email like you normally do!)
  3. Send the email to bwc-mutual-aid@googlegroups.com.

Please note, when you send your offer or request email to bwc-mutual-aid@googlegroups.com, it will go to every member of the Mutual Aid Network Listserv.

How do I respond?

If there is a need you can fulfill or an offer you would like to accept, reply directly to the sender of the email to discuss details.

What can I post?

Use this listserv to ask for or offer physical items, resources, skills, and services. Please be considerate and respectful, follow community protocols, and use the subject line to help others easily understand what you are offering/requesting.

Announcements of commercial services or goods that you are offering, can be made one time. The list is primarily for free exchanges.


Tips on Using the Listserv

- If you are offering, in the subject line of your email, write “offering ____.”

-If you are requesting, in the subject line of your email, write “seeking ______.”

In the body of your email, explain what you are offering or requesting, including details that will help others on the listserv know if what you are offering or requesting fits what they need or can offer.

Below are some examples. Feel free to be more friendly & wordy in your email than we are in the examples.

To respond to a request or offer, reply directly to the sender and exchange any additional information.

After your request has been completed or the offer has run out, please “Reply All” to your original offer/request email saying: “COMPLETED.”

Examples of how to use the Mutual Aid Network

Examples of appropriate posts:

Subject: Seeking a ride

Body: “Seeking a ride to a doctor’s appointment from Jamaica Plain, to Brookline, Monday, October 18, 12:00 pm”

Subject: Seeking grocery run

Body:“Seeking someone to do a large grocery shopping run. I live in Dorchester and can email a list and pay by check on drop-off.”

Subject: Seeking advice on services available for elderly parent

Body: “Seeking advice to help me help my parents who are moving to MA.”

Subject: Seeking Google Docs tutorial

Body: “Seeking consultation over Zoom to learn how to edit and share Google Docs.”

Subject: Offering newborn clothing

Body: “Offering a bag of gently used newborn clothing. Porch pick up in Jamaica Plain.”

Subject: Offering to grocery shop

Body: “Offering to grocery shop, planning to go Friday, Oct. 9, can drop off in Brookline.”

Examples of inappropriate posts:

-Invitations to a protest or to take action for a cause, because we have committees and a newsletter for that (send submissions to miraw@circleboston.org)!

-Schmoozing! Please continue using the schmooze lists (AIC, ABV, Book Group) and Facebook groups (Young Adults and Shule Parents) for sending funny jokes, videos, opinions, political actions, etc. Contact info@circleboston.org for more info.

How many times can I post?

We’re not setting a limit, but ask that you please be considerate and respectful of people's inboxes (once or twice a week is probably a good amount). We’ll have a few moderators of the list so that as we’re building the culture & norms of the listserv, kind & clear moderators will let you know if you’re using this tool in an unintended or inappropriate way.

What is a listserv?

A listserv is a method of communicating with a group of people over email. It allows members to send emails to the entire mailing list. When you send an offer or request email to bwc-mutual-aid@googlegroups.com it will go to all the members who have joined the Mutual Aid Network list. 

Why do the emails keep going in my SPAM folder?

Please unmark the listserv email (bwc-mutual-aid@googlegroups.com) as SPAM and your email will stop putting emails into the spam folder.

Do I have to be a BWC member to join?

This is a network for community members. This is part of how we show up for each other and our community. If you haven’t formally joined or renewed your membership for this year, we would love to have you: Become a member here.

Questions or concerns?

Please contact Community Care Circle at communitycare@circleboston.org.

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