Recommended Reading from the Israel/Palestine Committee

The Israel Palestine Committee Study Group has been meeting since February, 2022.  We are a group of BWC members who have various levels of knowledge and understanding of Palestine and Israel, but want to learn more.  Through novels, nonfiction, podcasts, films, webinars, and monthly discussions, we have come to understand much more about the place, the history and the people, as well as the root causes of the current war.  The following are suggestions for reading/watching that help put the present events into context.

The Hundred Years’ War on Palestine: A History of Settler Colonialism and Resistance, 1917-2017

By Rashid Khalidi

A comprehensive book about the colonial war waged against the Palestinians told from a Palestinian perspective. Khalidi’s family during the 100 years he writes about, has included many Palestinian leaders and thinkers. He supplements his historical research with this personal history.  Khalidi is a renowned historian, and this book is an important one for understanding the current events in Israel Palestine.  

Gaza 101

A Mini-Course in Four Parts:  History, Politics, Culture and Economics

Webinar hosted by Combatants for Peace, Churches for Middle East Peace and The Arab American Institute

Paraphrased by the American Friends of Combatants for Peace:  This webinar provides an opportunity to learn about Gaza from Palestinians.  It covers the occupation, the siege, the political leadership as well as the traditions and resilience of the people in Gaza.  It also includes important ideas for American advocacy and allyship that will help advance human rights and security for all.

Light in Gaza: Writings Born of Fire

Edited by Jehad Abusalim, Jennifer Bing and Michael Merryman Lotze

A collection of stories and essays by writers from Gaza living in Gaza and abroad.  The collection includes personal reflections, as well as essays about different impacts, political and economic of living under the conditions imposed by the 16 year blockade by Israel.  What stands out, along with the hardship and trauma, is the writers’ inventiveness and hope for a future beyond the limitations of their colonial existence. 

Our full list of resources can be found here.

If you want to join us, email ipc@circleboston.org to join BWC’s Israel/Palestine Committee or to join the Study Group.

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