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Boston Workers Circle Center for Jewish Culture and Social Justice (BWC) is:

  • A community an­­­d spiritual home for secular Jewish life

  •  A voice for progressive Jewish values and social change

  • An arts and education center celebrating Yiddish, Jewish, and progressive culture

BWC is a thriving, intergenerational, and member-led community with 600 dues-paying members, 17 committees, supported by 6 staff members. 2019-2020 was our largest program year on record, with our organizing campaigns, rituals, and education programs reaching and serving thousands of people in greater Boston. 


Open Position(s):


Job Description: Web Designer




Boston Workers Circle is looking for a creative and talented professional to re-design our (very outdated) website. Our site was designed in 2011 by WireMedia and hasn’t had any updates in several years. We need full content migration from Drupal 6 to (most likely) Wordpress. The design of the site will need to be refreshed to match current web standards and be more user-centered. We also recently changed our name from Boston Workmen’s Circle to Boston Workers Circle and are excited to get our new logos up on the new site. 

We are flexible and willing to work with existing themes and templates as we are working on a fairly small budget. It’s very important that the website is user-centered, mobile-responsive, easy to update, and has a great events calendar.

Organization Background

We are a small nonprofit organization for secular Jewish culture and social justice. We’ve been around for almost 120 years, and currently have about 600 intergenerational members in the Greater Boston area. We have several social justice committees, along with a secular Sunday school, teen program, adult education classes, Yiddish classes, and a robust chorus, so there are a lot of moving parts to keep track of. 

We use our site to keep members up-to-date on events, build our email list, communicate organizational news, link to donation and registration pages (currently payments are done through Blackbaud eTapestry but we are open to changing this), share resources and blog posts, and provide information to the general public.  

Project Background

Biggest problem: Our website is still running on Drupal 6 with no updates in years. We are thinking about moving to Wordpress for ease of use and budget, but are open to other CMS recommendations.

Our website needs to be more easily navigable, secure, and mobile-friendly, as well as more easily updated and less glitchy for staff on the back-end. Ideally, it will allow us to reach more people online. There are lots of pages that we don’t need anymore and pages and menus that could be more thoughtfully laid out to be web-friendly.

We’re not looking to do an organization rebrand, though staff will definitely be updating copy and content for the site. We’re looking to have a cleaner sitemap - and may need some assistance on this information design - but likely nothing too different from the existing site.


  • Updated mobile-friendly design

  • Content structured for improved SEO

  • Updated architecture and user-centered design

  • An events calendar that can be searched by topic

  • Blog that is easily shared on social media (with the images correctly pulled)

  • Email signup connected to Constant Contact

  • Google analytics

  • Easily accessible donate button and membership sign-up

  • Ability to edit the site and add new content easily

  • Awareness of ADA compliance issues and commitment to make an accessible site

  • Search bar

  • Would be nice to have:

    • Galleries for images

    • Strong social media integration

    • Resources page

    • Member-only log-in, member only pages and forum

    • Easy registration/interest form for committees through the website


Proposal due date: Friday, September 4

Estimated project completion ideally within 3-4 months of contract signing. 


As a small nonprofit, our budget is pretty tight. We’re looking for bids ~ $15k for the entire project.

Proposal Instructions

Please send proposals to the BWC communications manager, Madeleine Jackman, at by September 4. We strongly encourage women and POC-owned businesses and designers to submit a proposal. Please include why you are the right firm, your approach to website design, what experience you have with nonprofits, samples of websites you have designed and/or a design portfolio, which CMS you would recommend, your typical timeline and budget, and the name and contact information of who to approach for clarification if needed. Thank you!


BWC is an Equal Opportunity Employer. People who identify as Jews and non-Jews of Color, multiracial, Sephardic, Mizrachi, trans, non-binary, lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer people, people with disabilities, and immigrants are strongly encouraged to apply.


Page Updated: Nov. 4, 2020