Freedom is a Verb: A Besere Velt Yiddish Chorus’s 25th Anniversary Concert with Special Guest Daniel Kahn

Freedom is a Verb! For 25 years, the A Besere Velt Yiddish Chorus has created a culture of resistance, and brought us together through radical song. On June 10th at MIT’s Kresge Auditorium, Boston Workers Circle and A Besere Velt joined forces with Yiddish rock/folk star Daniel Kahn to present Freedom is a Verb, a concert that inspired and will sustain our work for collective freedom. As Daniel sings:

Freedom is a verb
Something never finished, never done
It’s something you must make
It’s something you must take
It’s something you must constantly become

At Freedom Is A Verb we were thrilled to honor and celebrate: Progressive Jewish leader Nadav David, Boston Workers Circle Community and Yiddish community leaders Linda Gritz & Mike Katz, and labor leaders Jessica Wender-Shubow & the Brookline Educators Union. Each of our honorees actively lead our community towards freedom.

A Better World – is proud to be a voice for justice. This vibrant 80-member intergenerational community chorus weaves the heartache and irrepressible idealism of Yiddish music into a vision of justice and humanity for the 21st century. From haunting melodies to workers’ anthems, the songs come alive with multi-layered harmonies and allow us to express Jewishness and social justice in the same breath–it’s called radical Yiddishkayt!

The repertoire of A Besere Velt grew out of the shtetls, the sweatshops and union meetings, the camps and ghettos. These songs contain the sounds of the history, the culture, and the progressive values to inspire us to action today.

Did you miss the concert? Join us for the Video Premiere at a virtual watch party Wednesday, June 28th. Sign up here!

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