Around the Circle

Building Reopening Updates

The staff and our Building Reopening Committee are looking forward to bringing our community back together in a manner that is safe, meaningful, accessible, and inclusive. Using lessons learned during the pandemic, we are working to make programming accessible at home and in person. So far, several concrete decisions have been made...

Parting Words from Jen Kiok, Executive Director | Announcing our interim executive director

"I spoke candidly at our Annual Member Meeting on June 23, 2021 about my time at BWC, the incredible role of our members, and my vision for the future.

I invite you to watch my speech below, and to know that I am speaking to you — that I fully believe you have the power to help shape our collective future..."

From Vilna to BWC

Photo of Bethany Basile, Deputy Director with quote about Boston Workers Circle.

Like so many, my family’s immigration story began fleeing pogroms in Vilna and landed in a Dorchester triple-decker. My great-grandparents discovered BWC in its founding days, helping them carve a path for my grandparents, my mother, and me...

Take action against violence in Sheikh Jarrah

We are saddened to witness Israel's escalation of violence against Palestinians in East Jerusalem and Gaza, particularly against Muslim worshippers at Al Aqsa mosque, all the more egregious during this holy month of Ramadan.


Leadership Transitions

We are writing today to announce that after six+ years of stellar leadership, Jen Kiok, our Executive Director, has decided to move on to a new chapter in her life. Jen has been a visionary and inspirational leader for our community...

The Ten Modern Plagues as Told by 6th Graders

Many of our incredible Shule classes contributed their social justice learnings to our Seder — I wanted to share with you the ten modern plagues, written by the Vov 6th grade class...

An Answer to Pre-Passover Questions

As Passover approaches, I am moved to ask four questions:
• How can we sustain each other during the pandemic?
• How can we celebrate Passover safely?
• How can we sing together in community?
• How can we inspire each other to...

Shabes Flames Kindle...

Members captured passing moments in time at the Haiku Workshop and Shabes. Read through their mesmerizing poems here, and join us at our upcoming Shabes this Friday.

Carrying on the Work of Our Ancestors...Immigrant Justice at BWC Today

By pairing BWC members with asylum-seekers and folks recently released from ICE detention, the Immigrant Justice & Sanctuary Committee has created a loving community that ensures our neighbors stay warm and fed. So far, IJS has given out $44,150 to 56 individuals for a total of 109 critical grants...

We surpassed our goal - thank you!

We are so grateful for the BWC community and all of the support we received recently. You all helped us to fund hundreds of inter-generational programs, to build an equitable community, and to stand as a powerful voice for justice in Boston and Jewish communities.