Program Overview

We explore Jewish identity and build Jewish community through educational, cultural and social justice programming for every generation, from pre-schoolers to seniors. Whether you’re looking for your Jewish home or to simply drop by for an occasional program, we invite you to learn more about our many activities. Read through our digital fall 2020 Community Offerings online here, or click here for a (lower-quality) downloadable PDF.


The Boston Workers Circle Center for Jewish Culture and Social Justice is the kind of community that’s hard to find. We learn together, sing together, reflect together, and march together. We celebrate together and we take care of each other during times of need.



Jewish identity is shaped and enriched by our connection to thousands of years of Jewish culture. The sounds, the tastes, the humor, the language have deep emotional resonance whether we identify as religious or secular Jews. And they are lasting sources of inspiration and creativity.


A core expression of our Jewish identity at the Boston Workers Circle Center for Jewish Culture and Social Justice is the pursuit of a besere velt — a better world. We weave that commitment into every layer of the community, including our holiday rituals, arts and culture programming, and our children’s Sunday School.



Our adult education programming is geared toward exploring the meaning of Jewish history, ritual, and thought from a secular perspective. Together, we grapple with questions of historical experience, values, and identity that challenge our thinking.




Yiddish connects us to over one thousand years of Jewish history, art, and politics. Throughout the country, the Workers Circle/Arbeter Ring is a leader in preserving and promoting Yiddishkayt. We strive to integrate the language and culture into a living, authentic, creative, and contemporary Jewish identity.



Many of us are seeking a way to provide our children with a solid ethical foundation and a sense of pride in their Jewish heritage – without an explicitly religious context. We can do a lot at home. But here at the Center for Jewish Culture and Social Justice, Jewish identity and values deepen through communal rituals and structures that provide our children and families with a feeling of belonging.


Inspired by the early history of the Workmers Circle as an organization of the Jewish Left, our young adult members are committed to building a progressive Jewish space for activists in their 20s and 30s. Raucous arts and radical politics mix with Jewish identity to create unique young adult learning opportunities, celebrations, and community.