Jewish Muslim Solidarity Committee

Photo of vigil at mosqueThrough political action, relationship building and community education, the BWC Jewish Muslim Solidarity Committee works to foster positive ties between Jews and Muslims in Greater Boston and joins with the Muslim community in opposing Islamophobia in all its manifestations.

Towards this end, the Jewish Muslim Solidarity Committee works to:

  • Educate ourselves at the BWC and the broader Jewish community about occurrences and effects of Islamophobia on the Greater Boston Muslim community.
  • Examine, individually and as the BWC community, how our conscious and unconscious biases affect our engagement with Muslims and the Greater Boston Muslim community.
  • Build relationships between BWC and individuals and institutions within the Greater Boston Muslim community.
  • Find opportunities for BWC members of all ages to cooperate and collaborate in political actions and educational events with the Muslim community.
  • Support BWC membership to take action against anti-Muslim bigotry.

Meetings are usually held on the first Thursday of the month at 7PM, currently over Zoom. If you're interested in attending a meeting, contact Laura at for the Zoom link and to get up to speed about what the committee is working on. 


Click here for our 2021 Ramadan Fact Sheet for Allies to Muslims.