Health & Safety During Covid-19

The BWC Health and Safety Committee, along with the staff, are looking forward to bringing our community back together in a manner that is safe, meaningful, accessible, and inclusive. We want to emphasize that we are working hard to keep our members safe AND we want to create practices that also help end the COVID-19 global pandemic.

As we believe our liberation is bound to all others, so must our health be bound to all others. For this reason, we will be considering the effects of how our actions affect not just ourselves but the global community. Using the lessons learned from the pandemic, we are working to make programming accessible at home and in person.

We are using recommendations from the CDC, Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Brookline School Departments, and consulting with local congregations to guide our planning.

Here are the current guidelines for committee events:

  1. Committees may now host small meetings (up to 10 people) in the BWC building. Co-chairs must be trained on building use policies first and use of tech for hybrid events.
  2. For all in-person events, whether indoors or outdoors, attendees' contact information will be collected and vaccinations will be required for all those who are eligible.
  3. Masks and social distancing are required.
  4. Food and drink are not allowed for indoor events. For outdoor events, all participants should sit only with their family or pod when consuming food or drinks.


  1. BWC is installing a new HVAC heating & cooling system, including air filters to improve air quality in the Webster St. building.
  2. We are purchasing audio/visual equipment to allow for hybrid in-person and remote meetings.
  3. Shule is taking place in-person at the Runkle school. We are following Brookline Public School guidelines and the latest guidance on COVID safety. For Shule safety questions, contact
  4. A Besere Velt (ABV) Yiddish Chorus will be practicing at Temple Beth Zion in a very large, well-ventilated space with singing masks and vaccinations.

To contact the Health and Safety Committee, please email the co-chairs: Julie Silberman and Sandy Martin.


Updated: March 4, 2022