Families & Youth

Many of us seek a way to provide our children with a solid ethical foundation and a sense of pride in their Jewish heritage – without an explicitly religious context. We can do a lot at home. But here at Boston Workers Circle Center for Jewish Culture and Social Justice, Jewish identity and values deepen through communal rituals and structures that provide our children and families with a feeling of belonging. It’s about having a connection to each other, as well as to a shared history and shared values.

We are proud to be a community where families from a wide variety of religious and ethnic backgrounds, both Jewish and non-Jewish, feel welcome and participate in all levels of the organization. We are also proud to be an open and affirming community for LGBTQ families.

Whether your children are two, ten, or eighteen years old, there are ways for them to participate.

Boston Workers Circle is proud publisher of The Veterans of History: A Young Person's History of the Jews by BWC member and former Jewish Cultural Sunday School Director Mitchell Silver.