Kumzits Adult Shule: “Beyond Capitalism”

Shule School Cafeteria

Beyond Capitalism: BWC members in the solidarity economyMirroring the event that was held by the BWC's AFREJ Committee in March, this event is a chance to...

Book Talk with Alice Rothchild

Shule School Cafeteria

Join Shule families after the Shule day for lunch and book talk with long time BWC member and author, Alice Rothchild.  Alice will be leading a...

Gezang varshtat un zingeray mit Adah Hetko

Boston Workers Circle: Center for Jewish Culture & Social Justice, 6 Webster St, Brookline, MA 02446, USA

Lomir zingen tsuzamen af der ershter trefung fun farbreng:boston! Adah Hetko vet onfirn mit a gezang varshtat un lernen a lid-tsvey. Dernokh, veln mir hobn a...

Faces of Oppression; Faces of Liberation

Faces of Oppression; Faces of Liberation: Untangling the Intersections of Antisemitism, White Supremacy, and TransphobiaIn this four-part course, teachers Andy Izenson and Heron Greenesmith will expose...

Anti-Racism Study Group


The BWC Anti-racism Study Group meets for 90 minutes every month and currently has a schedule of the third Monday of each month at 7:15The focus...

BWC Board Meeting


Members are welcome to attend BWC Board Meetings as non-voting attendees.  Please email info@circleboston.org for the Zoom link.

Jewish Muslim Solidarity Committee Meeting


The Jewish Muslim Solidarity Committee (JMS) works to build and strengthen constructive, mutually supportive relations between Jews and Muslims in Greater Boston. It is especially focused on...

Zayen Class Rehearsal for the B’nai Mitzvah

Zayen students practice a run-through of the B'nai Mitzvah, parents meet to review outstanding items on B'nai Mitzvah planning and also rehearse the parent led portions...

Alice Rothchild Talk on Gaza War

HYBRID - Boston Workers Circle: Center for Jewish Culture & Social Justice, 6 Webster St, Brookline, MA 02446, USA

Alice Rothchild will report on the consequences of the Gaza war on health and human rights conditions. She has visited Gaza four times, the last in...

Yiddish Sing


Drop in for this free informal monthly gathering to sing Yiddish songs! All are welcome, regardless of singing ability or knowledge of Yiddish.Virtual Yiddish Sing -...

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