Di Nest: Yiddish Creative Project Incubator


Di Nest is an incubator for Yiddish-language creative projects! Join us on the first Thursday of the month to share and workshop community members’ artistic works...

Yiddish Reading Group


Join our Yiddish Reading Group! We meet weekly (mostly) to read fiction in Yiddish. Group members select the readings which are usually short stories or novellas....

Arts Shabes II


More details to be announced

BWC Night of Action for Palestine


Join Boston Workers Circle and the Palestine Solidarity Subcommittee (of the Israel-Palestine Committee) on Sunday, December 4, at 7 - 8:30pm ET, for a night of...

History of Yiddish Music


Never heard of Naftule Brandwein? No problem. Welcome to your turntable intervention.Join Seattle renegade klezmer Miles (Mai Li Pittard) for your five-class guided tour through the...

New Intermediates


Using the textbook In Eynem, vol 2, students will increase their comfort with Yiddish grammar and with fluency speaking, reading and writing. Level: Students who have previously...

Level 2 – Advanced Beginner


Students will continue learning from Colloquial Yiddish, starting with a review of grammar already learned in BWC’s Beginner classes and moving further ahead. Additionally, songs and...

IPC Study Group


The IPC Study Group is a subcommittee of the Israel/Palestine Committee (IPC) which meets on Zoom the first Wednesday of every month at 6pm to discuss...

Advanced – Theater


In this class, students will read pieces of Yiddish theater aloud together. The teacher will speak in Yiddish, providing dramaturgy and historical context, and students will...

Level 1 – Beginner


Learn elementary grammar, conversation skills and how to read Yiddish. Students who don't yet know the Hebrew alphabet will be asked to join the class a...

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