Community Life

The Boston Workers Circle Center for Jewish Culture and Social Justice is the kind of community that’s hard to find. We learn together, sing together, reflect together, and march together. We celebrate our successes, both personal and political, and we take care of each other during times of need. 

Perhaps you’re looking for an intergenerational Jewish community where you can feel at home – an alternative to conventional temple affiliation – a place where progressive values and Jewish culture find common ground.
Perhaps you’re looking to provide your children with a meaningful sense of Jewish identity – that fosters pride in their heritage – a Jewish educational program that fits with your family’s faith, ethnic, and gender diversity, and with your family schedule.
Perhaps you’re looking for a way to make a difference as a progressive Jewish activist – or simply a community you can turn to when you need to re-energize and remember what inspires you.
Questions about a program or how to connect with the community? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.