Circle Playtime Pre-Shule Playgroup

Interested in connecting with other young progressive Jewish families? Have a child who’s not old enough for Sunday School, or who’s tagging along with an older sibling? Join Circle Playtime!

Circle Playtime is a free playgroup for families with children ages 2-5 years old. Each session includes fun age-appropriate activities, filled with music-making and storytelling related to a Jewish or social justice holiday. It is followed by open play at the nearby playground.
The program meets near Washington Square in Brookline. 
Circle Playtime, on selected Sundays from 10:45 am - 12:15 pm.

The 2022-2023 schedule:

11/20     CirclePlaytime 1 (fall)

12/18   Community Khanike / Chanukah Party

1/22     Circle Playtime  3 (fall)

3/5   Community Purim Party

4/2     Circle Playtime 5 (spring)

4/30       Circle Playtime 6  (spring)

5/21     Circle Playtime 7  (spring)



"My family loves Circle Playtime. We love the shared community,
doing projects together and singing when the music teacher comes around."


Why do parents choose Circle Playtime? 

  • Looking for a secular progressive Jewish home

  • Seeking to increase their own Jewish literacy in order to enhance their home practices in their secular/interfaith/intercultural family

  • The program is free of charge (yes, really!)

  • The scheduling works for young families

  • Parents get the chance to spend meaningful time with their children

  • Meet other families with similar values

Everyone is also welcomed to join the Chanukah and Purim celebrations hosted by our Sunday School (Shule).
If you have any questions, contact Education Director Meira Soloff
at or call 617-819-1619.