Social Justice

Greater Boston Interfaith Organization’s New and Fair Revenue Campaign Kick-off Press Conference and Rally

The State House, exact location TBD

Thursday, March 14th  2013 12-2pm, The State House, Location to be announced.

GBIO has decided to join its voice to others, including Governor Patrick, a coalition of labor unions, and a state wide coalition of community groups called Campaign for Our Communities, calling for an increase of 2 billion dollars in state revenues. The GBIO campaign will support the following positions:

1.      Massachusetts will raise two billion dollars in new revenues, raised  to have a progressive effect so that poor people will not be hurt.

Mideast Working Group Meeting

Boston Workmen's Circle, 1762 Beacon St., Brookline

For more information, click see the group homepage or email Stan Habib,

2012 Highlights

Happy new year! As 2013 stretches before us, we're pleased to look back on a year of packed community events, thought-provoking discussions, and programmatic growth. Here are some highlights from 2012.

Radical Hanukkah and a Stirring Protest

Read all about our raucous Hanukkah celebration and our fifth graders' labor protest - with pictures!

Boston Workmen’s Circle Annual Children’s Protest Against Sweatshops

Le Meridien Hotel, 20 Sidney Street, Cambridge

Join us for the Boston Workmen’s Circle Annual Children’s Protest Against Sweatshops

Led by the Shule 5th Grade Class

Sunday, December 9
1 - 2pm
Le Meridien Hotel, 20 Sidney Street, Cambridge

Fun and Meaningful For the Whole Family!

Shule families: Board the BUS for Shule families right after class at 12:30
All other friends and supporters: Please meet us at the hotel at 1pm. Download a flyer for the action at the bottom of the page.

“We’re Human Beings. We’re Not Machines.”

Each winter since 1998, the Hey (fifth grade) class of the Shule has taken to the streets to protest a local labor injustice. Read all about the issue they're taking on this year, and join them at their protest on December 9.

An Embarrassment of Community Riches

This past week here Boston Workmen’s Circle offered a wide variety of programs that showcased the wonderful diversity of our community, from Shule to a Shabes dinner to a discussion of solidarity and mutual aid. Read all about it!

American Jews and Middle East Peace - Are there limits on what is acceptable advocacy and if so, what are they?

Boston Workmen's Circle Explores Different Perspectives

Two Separate Sessions:

First Session: November 8: Barbara Lubin, Director, Middle East Children's Alliance, will discuss MECA's work in Gaza and how it dealt with efforts to  block an exhibit of Gaza children's drawings.

Following presentations by the speakers in each session, ample time will be available for discussion with the audience.

Solidarity Series: The Solidarity Economy and Mutual Aid at the Workmen's Circle

Boston Workmen's Circle, 1762 Beacon St., Brookline

What is the solidarity economy?  How are people in our communities and around the world finding cooperative ways to survive, flourish, and resist?  How can the members of Boston Workmen's Circle effectively support each other, build our community, and strengthen our voice for justice?  In our last session, we learned about and discussed Workmen's Circle's rich tradition as a mutual aid society.  Join us for the second session in our multi-generational, young adult-led "Solidarity Series" to look at contemporary models as we work to create new forms

Duty Calls: Let's Vote!

A recent survey of 1000 self-identified Jews indicated that we care about social and economic justice, and vote accordingly. Vote on November 6, and make sure your friends and family are voting too - for a besere U.S.A, and a besere velt.

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