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Shule Calendar

The Shule calendar for the 2022-2023 school year can be downloaded and/or printed by clicking here (PDF). Please note that the Shule schedule occasionally changes during the year and this page may not be updated in a timely manner. Final word can be found in emails from Education Director and on the website calendar.

All dates are Sundays unless otherwise indicated.

Congratulations to the Zayin students of 2012!

400 family and friends joined the ten members of this year's Shule Zayin class to celebrate their collective Bar/Bat Mitzvah at a beautiful ceremony in which each student presented a personal statement on his or her Jewish identity. We're so proud of this year's Shule class!

Bike Tour of Historic Jewish Boston with Dick Bauer

We're approaching our 50th anniversary at 1762 Beacon Street! Gear up for our big anniversary by learning more about the history of Jewish Boston on this approximately 12 mile, mostly flat-terrain tour of synagogues, homes, Jewish delis - and the old Workmen's Circle building.

Boston Workmen's Circle at World Fellowship Center

Join members and friends of Boston Workmen's Circle for our annual weekend at World Fellowship Center, an inter-generational camp and conference center in the White Mountains of NH.

Solidarity and Community at As We Come Marching!

What a wonderful afternoon of music, activism and solidarity! The Boston Teachers Union hall was packed with Boston Workmen's Circle community members, union members and activists, Occupy Boston activists, folks from the Bread & Roses centennial and people who just wanted to sing "The Internationale." Read on for pictures!

25th Annual Community Seder a Great Success!

The 25th Annual Community Seder has come and gone, and it was a huge success! Released from the heymish but cramped confines of our old venue, we welcomed 250 attendees ranging from 95 years to 6 months old.

Meet-up for Parents with Babies and Toddlers

Boston Workmen's Circle, 1762 Beacon St, Brookline

Join other parents of young children for a conversation about how we can make the Workmen's Circle a good fit for your family.  This gathering will be a chance for parents to connect with each other, discuss how to make community-wide events baby-friendly and explore the possibility of having baby-oriented activities at the Workmen’s Circle. If you're someone who likes the Workmen's Circle and has a young child, we hope you can join us. And of course, bring your children along! We'll have a comfortable play area set up.

A Shankbone on the Seder Plate?

As a community we strive to incorporate progressive values into our Jewish practice. But it’s not always easy to agree on the issues! It’s also challenging to figure out the right balance between ancient traditions and creative adaptations of Jewish ritual.

Youth Jobs Rally and March to the State House

Tremont Temple Baptist Church, 88 Tremont St, Boston (near Park St. T)

Join the Acting for Economic Justice Committee, teens, community members and elected officials at a rally for youth jobs funding!  More information here.

Strike! Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Bread & Roses

“Short pay, all out!” That was the rallying cry of Lawrence textile workers in 1912. We celebrate the history of the strike and honor today's ongoing labor struggles with a series of spring events.

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