Families & Youth

Bar/Bat/Bnai Mitzvah

*Please note, due to the nature of the B'Nai Mitzvah process for both the students and their families, we do not accept any new students (who have never been to Shule) to the B'Nai Mitzvah (7th grade) program year.*

Sunday School (Shule) Curriculum Overview

The Shule curriculum aims to foster a meaningful and proud Jewish identity, rooted in the historical and cultural Jewish experience and in a commitment to building a better world. That identity is expressed through community, learning, creative arts and culture and social action, not through prayer and worship.

Circle Playtime Pre-Shule Playgroup

Interested in connecting with other young progressive Jewish families? Have a child who’s not old enough for Sunday School, or who’s tagging along with an older sibling? Join Circle Playtime!

Circle Playtime is a free playgroup for families with children ages 2-5 years old. Each session includes fun age-appropriate activities, filled with music-making and storytelling related to a Jewish or social justice holiday.

Teens Acting for Social Change

Teens Acting for Social Change (TASC) is a group of teens making a difference in our world. TASCers build community, learn about social justice issues, and take action.

Family Holiday Celebrations

Families with children of all ages are welcome to attend our community-wide holiday celebrations and observances throughout the year. In addition, we create some services and celebrations just for families. As with our larger holiday programs, observance is not centered around prayer and worship, but rather our history, our values and our connectedness to each other. All families are welcome!

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