Whitechapel Noise: Sex, Politics, and Religion in London’s Pre-World War I Yiddish Lyrics - A Singing Talk by Vivi Lachs

1762 Beacon St. Brookline, MA 02445

Admission: Suggested donation sliding scale $5 to $10+
This talk, richly illustrated with Yiddish song, explores immigrant history through lyrics that tell tales of an immigrant culture in flux. Morris Winchevsky’s poetry and satire encourages revolutionary ideas and union activism, and portrays acute poverty on London’s streets. Music-hall songs display the changing nature of sexual relationships, and exposes incidents of marital disharmony, prostitution, and abuse. Satirical verse pinpoints how immigrants grappled with modernising religious practice. The lyrics, often published in the Yiddish press, tell these stories with humour, intensity, and passion.

Come hear the surprising story about the source of the popular song "Ale Brider!"

Signed copies of Whitechapel Noise will be on sale.

Vivi Lachs is a historian, Yiddishist, performer, and Associate Research Fellow at Birkbeck College, University of London. Her book Whitechapel Noise: Jewish Immigrant Life in Yiddish Song and Verse, London 1884-1914 was published by Wayne State University Press earlier this year. She sings with the bands Klezmer Klub (Whitechapel, Mayn Vaytshepl) and Katsha’nes (Don’t Ask Silly Questions).