Israel/Palestine Community Meeting

Online, on Zoom
After more than three years of thoughtful and difficult dialogue across generations and ideologies, we officially have new guiding principles for our Israel/Palestine social justice work.
The principles are here to provide BWC activists with a clear frame of reference and organizational support to pursue justice in Palestine and Israel. While the principles likely do not represent any single person’s precise ideal, they enable BWC, as a Jewish organization devoted to equality and justice, to work as a united community on issues related to Palestine and Israel.
This entire process has been an incredible testament to how our members engage and discuss issues together. In this spirit, we hope that the next stage of our Israel/Palestine work is deeply rooted in respect, an openness to working and moving through disagreement, and a commitment to making the world more just.
If you are feeling energized, invigorated, or curious about what the next action steps will look like, we invite you to join our Israel/Palestine Community Meeting on October 4 from 7-8:30 pm on Zoom. We can’t wait to collaborate on this important work with you.

All are welcome, whether this is the very first step you are taking in Israel/Palestine work or it’s something you have been organizing around for decades.