Circle Book Group: _Peony_ by Pearl Buck

41 Amory St., Cambridge, MA 02139

At this meeting of the Circle Book Group, we'll discuss Peony by Mark Kurlansky. We'll be at the home of Marie Ariel, near Inman Sq. in Cambridge. Bagels, coffee & socializing at 10:15. Note that there's one cat who is out of the way during the meeting.

About this month's read:

Young Peony is sold into a rich Chinese household as a bondmaid -- an awkward role in which she is more than a servant, but less than a daughter. As she grows into a lovely, provocative young woman, Peony falls in love with the family's only son. However, tradition forbids them to wed. How she resolves her love for him and her devotion to her adoptive family unfolds in this profound tale, based on true events in China over a century ago. The conflicts inherent in the Chinese and Jewish temperament are delicately and intricately traced with profound wisdom and delicate understanding in this tale... This is an enchanting story, the theme of which is tolerance. Highly recommended. --Library Journal
Any questions, please contact Marie Ariel at or (617) 492-2765.