Circle Book Group: "Learning from the Germans: Race & The Memory of Evil"

Online, on Zoom
Our August book is Learning From the Germans: Race and the Memory of Evil by Susan Neiman.
As an increasingly polarized America fights over the legacy of racism, Philospher Susan Neiman asks what we can learn from the Germans about confronting the evils of the past. Neiman (Evil in Modern Thought) presents an insightful comparative analysis of post-WWII German sentiments about Nazi atrocities alongside southern American attitudes about the Civil War and slavery, suggesting how Americans might better come to terms with their country's history. Neiman - who is Jewish, grew up in Atlanta, and currently lives in Berlin - argues that "our past will continue to haunt us if we do not face it down," and she provides numerous examples of Germans doing just that.

Online: Minuteman and BPL with limited copies. In print: many copies available with contactless holds & pickup.

Meeting on: August 2 from 10:15 AM until 12:15 pm. This is an open group that welcomes all readers interested in expanding their understanding of the wide variety of Jewish experiences throughout history and across the world. 
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