In The Bones of our Ancestors Workshop

Jamaica Plain

On April 15th, Jen Kiok will be offering a day-long workshop for white Jews to explore our dual roles in the systems of white supremacy, racism and anti-semitism. The day will be grounded in heart space and guided by the understanding that we must heal from these systems as we work to dismantle them. We will also gather for a havdalah dinner the night before on Saturday April 14th from 6-9pm.. 

The goals of this work are:

  • Personal and collective healing and transformation from the ways we, and our ancestors, have been harmed and have harmed others through white supremacy.

  • To be effective and whole in our work to dismantle white supremacy in ourselves and in the world.

The long term vision of this work is to experience collective liberation alongside all those who will celebrate with us once white supremacy has crumbled.

A year ago a white supremacist was inaugurated as the president of the United States. In the past year the racism, anti-semitism and white supremacy of our country has been re-exposed.  In this workshop, we will gather to vision our way to a different future. It’s easy to look outside ourselves to make change, this is an invitation to look within.


**This workshop was partially inspired by and developed with support from Eleanor Hancock at White Awake**


This workshop will take place on Sunday, April 15th from 10:30am-5pm in Jamaica Plain.  We will also gather for a havdalah potluck supper the evening before, Saturday April 14th from 6-9pm.  Regretfully, the location is not wheelchair accessible (there are 2-3 steps to enter the space). We ask for a sliding scale donation of $36-$180. This will include the cost of food for Sunday and materials ($20) and anything additional will help Boston Workmen’s Circle to sustain this work. Please fill out the application by March 30th.   

Who is this workshop for?

~People who identify as white & Jewish 

~People who have done some reflection, reading, engaging with racism & white privilege and are ready to go deeper

~People who are open to growth

~People who read and agree to the group agreements listed in the application


If you are able to commit to attend the full workshop, please complete this application by March 30th. Once we confirm your participation we will send you a link to make a donation for the workshop. 


If you are interested in attending a workshop in the future but have a conflict for April 14th-15th, please email with the subject line “In the Bones” and ask to be added to the interest list.