Beginner 1 & Advanced Yiddish Classes

Online, on Zoom


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Level 1:  Beginner 1st Semester | 9 weeks | Starting week of Oct. 12

Monday evening, 7:30pm - 9:00pm


Learn conversation skills, how to read Yiddish, and elementary grammar. Students who don't yet know the Hebrew alphabet will be asked to join the class a half hour early for the first few sessions. The class will be interactive and lively, using a textbook, songs, games, films and other multi-media materials. 


Target Level: This course will suit you whether you’re totally new to Yiddish or already know a few basics.

Class size: 5 – 10 students

Instructor: Jonah Sidman



Level 4:  Advanced: Language through Literature | 9 weeks | Starts Oct. 12

Monday evenings, 7:30pm - 9:00pm


This course is for students with several years of Yiddish learning and is inteded to strengthen reading, writing, and speaking skills. To that end we will read humorous short stories, sketches and satires by Hersh Shisler, internationally published Yiddih writer and Polish emigrant to South Africa. Students will have opportunities to present synopses of readings in class, as well as discuss characters and themes. Conversations will be primarily in Yiddish, using English occassionally as necessary. We will review grammatical constructions, idioms, and vocabulary within each reading. Shishler's writings include satires about his struggles as a Yiddish writer, parodies about the South African communities, and a view of mid-20th century life on yet another continent.


Class Size: 5-12 students

Instructor:  Lillian Leavitt



For a complete list of Yiddish classes this semester, and to register, please go to