Anti-Racism Study Group

The BWC Anti-racism Study Group, led by Madeleine Lourie and Helen Raizen, meets for 90 minutes every month and currently has a schedule of the third Monday of each month at 7:15

The group was originally formed by BWC members after George Floyd’s murder in May of 2020. The current focus is on reading books, and learning through reading and discussion. The booklist is divided into three, somewhat overlapping sections: History, Black Experience and Working on White supremacy, White privilege, and ourselves; Reparations, activism.
We would love to have more people joining us! Members attest to the ever deeper and richer understanding of the struggle for racial equity and justice that has come out of being a part of this group.  New insights and understandings come from every book we’ve read.
To be added to the email list ( and for the meeting Zoom link, please email Helen at You can find the book list and current reading here and the schedule here.