Acting For Racial and Economic Justice Committee Launch

As we remember the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King this week, we are proud to announce the public launch of the Acting For Racial and Economic Justice Committee! This committee (known affectionately as AFREJ) is an expanded version of our long-standing Acting For Economic Justice Committee.

We invite you to join us next Wednesday, January 27th at 7:30pm as we take our next step as a community towards institutionalizing racial justice.

Our first task has been (re)developing a plan for the BWC community to build meaningfully toward racial and economic justice both within our own community with an eye toward taking leadership in the larger Jewish community on these issues.

What will it take for this work to grow within our community? YOU! There are no magic answers to doing this work - it will take us all to make change. We invite you to come to our public launch on Wednesday, January 27th. You'll be expected to make your voice heard and your views known, and help us to review and revise our DRAFT plan for the BWC regarding racial and economic justice.

AFREJ has two Co-Chairs: Tolle Graham & Chris Messinger.

Tolle Graham has served in the role of Co-Chair of AFEJ for more than 10 years, in addition to her full time work with MassCOSH where she does advocacy and organizing for safe and healthy jobs. She also delivered a powerful call to action through her Dvar at High Holidays this past fall.  

Welcome to new Co-Chair Chris Messinger! In addition to his full-time work as the Executive Director of Boston Mobilization, Chris was the coordinator of Teens Acting for Social Change (TASC) for 6 years before Organizer Liz Krushnic took over. Chris has been a BWC member for more than ten years and is a recognized social justice educator and community organizer. And he makes a mean latke.

If you can't attend, we still need you - you are warmly invited to reach out to the AFREJ Co-Chairs to share your perspectives and get involved at any point.