Around the Circle

This community changed me.

Before I joined BWC, I assumed my life would always stay small because of my disability, and that my connection to Jewish life and history would always stay fractured because of my political beliefs. Since joining, I've taken on...

Shaping Our Future with Shuleniks (video!)

I am excited to share with you what our youngest BWC members have been learning this year. We learn about Jewish history and traditions, climate justice, anti-racism work, labor organizing, and a whole lot more. I'll let the kids speak for themselves...

Shaping Our Future Kick-Off Letter!

I am so proud and grateful to be among a lineage of people ceaselessly shaping BWC’s thriving community. In this moment, I am particularly proud to be co-chairing the Shaping Our Future campaign. We are laying the groundwork for a strong transition to our next Executive Director and the next BWC chapter.

BWC Response to the Criminalization of Palestinian Human Rights Organizations

We condemn Israel's recent criminalization of six Palestinian human rights organizations. We call on the U.S. Department of State to demand that Israel undo this undemocratic and unjustified action.

Help us find our next Executive Director

Boston Workers Circle is searching for our next Executive Director. Applications are being accepted through October 31 -- learn more here!

New Israel/Palestine Principles

After more than three years of thoughtful and difficult dialogue across generations and ideologies, we officially have new guiding principles for our Israel/Palestine social justice work. Read more about the process here...

Building Reopening Updates

The staff and our Building Reopening Committee are looking forward to bringing our community back together in a manner that is safe, meaningful, accessible, and inclusive. Using lessons learned during the pandemic, we are working to make programming accessible at home and in person. So far, several concrete decisions have been made...

Parting Words from Jen Kiok, Executive Director | Announcing our interim executive director

"I spoke candidly at our Annual Member Meeting on June 23, 2021 about my time at BWC, the incredible role of our members, and my vision for the future.

I invite you to watch my speech below, and to know that I am speaking to you — that I fully believe you have the power to help shape our collective future..."

From Vilna to BWC

Photo of Bethany Basile, Deputy Director with quote about Boston Workers Circle.

Like so many, my family’s immigration story began fleeing pogroms in Vilna and landed in a Dorchester triple-decker. My great-grandparents discovered BWC in its founding days, helping them carve a path for my grandparents, my mother, and me...

Take action against violence in Sheikh Jarrah

We are saddened to witness Israel's escalation of violence against Palestinians in East Jerusalem and Gaza, particularly against Muslim worshippers at Al Aqsa mosque, all the more egregious during this holy month of Ramadan.