We're here for you.

Dear Boston Workers Circle Members and Community,
We want to take a moment to connect with you as we bear witness to the events unfolding in our country. Yesterday, in the face of a historic win with the first Black and Jewish senators elected in GA, we saw a white supremacist assault on our democracy.
We watched law enforcement fail to stop, and even give willing assistance to, a mob of armed white vigilantes threatening our elected government. We saw attackers displaying antisemitic messages and carrying Confederate flags, and we saw the president encouraging and even praising these attacks.
We know that racism and antisemitism are part of the machinery of white supremacy. We have seen how police target, detain, and even kill Black people protesting for equal justice across our country, yet aid and abet white supremacists in our capitol. There is so much to hold and process. 
It is so important to us that we have Boston Workers Circle during this time. As a multiracial, intergenerational community deeply rooted in Jewish culture and social justice, our work together is a liberatory act of resistance to white supremacy and antisemitism. 
Preservation of culture is justice work. Reimagining ritual is justice work. Community building is justice work. Together, we show up to vision and listen and create a more liberated and just world.
Please know we are here for you. We are here for each other. 
With love and appreciation,
Anne Greenwald
BWC Board President
Libby Shrobe
BWC Board Vice President